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ZUZU Hospitality has highly-skilled specialized teams, focussed on delivering success to our hotel partners.

As a center of excellence for revenue management and distribution, we are able to attract talented professionals dedicated to building their careers and perfecting their skill sets in these disciplines.

This gives you access to talent that an independent hotel can’t typically attract or retain.

Our employees adhere to our core values – Passionate, Accountable, Persistent, Simple and Open – and we believe these values set us apart and focus our team on delivering maximum value to our hotel partners

Our Revenue Management team are experts with decades of experience in pricing, distribution, revenue optimisation, and operations. They are passionate about achieving the highest possible revenue for our hotel partners with optimal pricing strategies.
The Operations team ensures everything works smoothly for our hotel partners, channel partners and internal teams. With deep technical understanding, they expertly set up, manage and eliminate the complexity of multiple channels for hotel partners. This team keeps life simple for everyone.
Our platform processes enormous amounts of data everyday, across multiple sources, markets and countries, so our hotel partners can make better decisions. Our Data Science team is responsible for harnessing all that data with sophisticated self-learning data models. Their work drives the industry's best-in-class revenue management platform - and revenue upside for our hotels.
Technology is the backbone of our business, enabling us to deliver stronger revenues to our hotel partners. Our all-in-one approach makes our technology platform incredibly easy to set up and use. Comprising experts in product, user experience and technology, the Product and Technology team is singularly focused on delivering a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use platform to advanced and novice users alike.
Our employees are Passionate, Accountable, Persistent, Simple and Open. We believe our values set us apart and focus our team on delivering maximum value to our hotel partner.
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