Online Distribution – a case for third party and direct bookings

One of the ongoing debates in hospitality, is how a hotel should think about direct sales, vs. third party sales, in their online travel mix. So let’s start with three pretty obvious thoughts: Direct bookings allow you to present your property in a highly customised way, and build a relationship with the traveller from the …

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What does ZUZU do?

Simply, we aim to maximize a hotel’s revenue. More specifically, we deliver yield management to a hotel, using a combination of software and service, through distribution and revenue management. Yield management:  a hotel has a certain number of rooms, and can sell them at a range of prices it sets.  If a date passes and a room hasn’t been sold, …

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ZUZU we do it for you


Why ZUZU? I’m lucky enough to interview a lot of people for our team, and to meet with a lot of out hotel partners, and one question, comes up a lot: “Why did you create ZUZU?” ZUZU was created out of a desire to help independent hoteliers be great independent hoteliers.  As the demands on …

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